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Did you know…  Hypnosis is not an “alternative” type of modality.  There are now thousands of studies and articles published which prove that hypnosis is, indeed, a 1st line intervention.  Hypnosis helps people with many aspects of life. Additionally, the results can be the same regardless of if your sessions are live, online, or hybrid – I offer all 3.  If you are curious about what you can do as a successful, professional hypnotist, contact me for more details.

Welcome.  My name is Eva. I am the owner, hypnotist, and coach that you will be partnering with.  I offer flexible scheduling in the evenings, on weekends, and if needed, on some holidays.

Eva Wells, 1st Choice Hypnosis

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Why Choose 1st Choice Hypnosis?

You will quickly receive assistance from someone who is qualified by experience and certified by professional training. I work with your schedule, meet you on your level, according to your goals, and assist you with finding the best solutions that deliver lasting results.

Do you like to help others? Would a solid, secure, lucrative, life-improving career peak your curiousity?  Do you like the idea of a true, honest career that allows you to work anywhere, any time – that does not involve “mlm” or “direct sales” settings?   Well… if you can imagine having it all… click this “learn more” link.  This might be exactly what you are looking for!

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How Can Hypnosis help you?

Hypnosis provides the fastest and most direct line to the part of your mind which naturally controls most of your life. This offers you the benefit and freedom of having self-doubt removed while empowering you to make decisions calmly, confidently, and easily. Just imagine how limitless you could be when you have the clarity and motivation to follow through with the actions needed to receive and maintain permanent results, in every aspect of your life.



Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

You can become highly successful with this weight loss program. It is designed specifically for someone, like you, who is serious about making better choices,  desiring more than shedding just a few  pounds, and interested in discovering a strategy which is focused on creating and maintaining a long term,  healthy relationship with food and activity levels.

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Weight Gain Hypnosis Program

Regardless of which side of the weight scale you lean towards, it all revolves around the relationship you have with food and activity. By following this fast, easy,  customized program that I can provide you with, you will be pleasantly surprised with the healthy results which you can have.

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How many sessions are needed?

While it is possible to solve some challenges in one session, it is equally true that achieving the highest possible benefit is the goal. Therefore, I always offer package options and you are always free to choose which option you believe would best benefit you.


How much does hypnosis or life coaching cost?

Every person and every situation is different. There are many aspects involved in deciding what costs are. Therefore, there is no blanket statement for this question.  Variances also differ from location to location, the challenges being addressed, the amount and length of time spent and what additional, if any, modalities will be included in the session.

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Can Hypnosis be used with Counseling or other things?

Yes!  Hypnosis can be used with Traditional Therapy / Counseling, and many other modalities created for assisting the client to receive the desires they wish to achieve. I can back this my multiple experiences  of working with local psychologists; one of which has referred multiple clients to work with me.  Here are two such testimonials from successful clients who have combined results of Counseling and Hypnosis.

How Can Coaching Help You?

Working with a Coach is very similar to having a mentor.  This provides you with an unbiased, rational approach to difficult decisions and choices, as well as offering new insight to whatever challenges you may be facing so that you can be empowered to make the best results – your results.



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