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Can Hypnosis Really Help?

Yes. Hypnosis provides a direct line to the part of your mind which controls most of your life. This offers you the freedom of having self-doubt removed while empowering you to make decisions easier, calmly, and confidently. Just imagine what you could do if you have the clarity and motivation to follow through with the actions needed to receive and maintain permanent results in every aspect of your life.
All of this and more can be yours
when you partner with
1st Choice Hypnosis


While it is possible to solve your challenges in one session/hour, I always offer options to my clients. This is because I know and understand that each person is different, with each having different needs, and sometimes it is in the best interest of my client's success to also offer combined (aka "package") sessions. In laymen's terms, while it is possible for one session to get you where you want to be , at 1st Choice Hypnosis, full satisfaction with the highest benefit possibilities are the goal. Therefore, we do offer package sessions. The reason for this is simple! The 2 best ways to offer long term positive results is by exposure to repetition and thru guided hypnosis. Therefore, common sense will and can ensure you that "repetitive hypnosis" will give you the highest, best outcome. In either event, however, YOU are the one who is always in control and whether you choose one or multiple sessions, you can be assured that from the moment I commit to working with you, I am entirely committed to helping you receive the fullest benefit you choose to have.