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Weight Loss — Smoking Cessation
Stress / Anxiety — Fear / Phobias
Addiction Recovery — Block Removal
Sessions are available in office, over the phone, and via customized audio.



Why Choose 1st Choice Hypnosis?

By choosing to team up with me, you can receive assistance from someone who is qualified by experience and certified by professional training. Additionally, I can offer you the combined benefits of being a professional life coach, hypnotist, realist, and motivational speaker.

How Can Hypnosis help you?

Hypnosis provides a direct line to the part of your mind which controls most of your life. This offers you the freedom of having self-doubt removed while empowering you to make decisions easier, calmly, and confidently. Just imagine what you could do if you have the clarity and motivation to follow through with the actions needed to receive and maintain permanent results in every aspect of your life.

How many sessions are needed?

While it is possible to solve some challenges in one session/hour, I always offer options to my clients. However, it is equally true that achieving the highest possible benefit is the goal. Therefore, package sessions are offered.

How much does hypnosis or life coaching cost?

Because there are many aspects involved in deciding what costs are, there is no blanket statement for this question.  Variances differ from location to location, the challenges being addressed, the amount and length of time spent and what additional, if any, modalities will be included in the sessions.

Can Hypnosis be used with Counseling or other things?

Yes!  Hypnosis can be used with Traditional Therapy / Counseling, and many other modalities created for assisting the client to receive the desires they wish to achieve. Here is one such testimonial from a client who combined Counseling and Hypnosis. 1st Choice Hypnosis, testimonial, eva, wells, therapy, counseling, goals, anxiety, depression, success

Weight Loss Hypnosis Program


This is a highly successful weight loss program designed specifically for someone who is serious about making better choices,  desiring more than shedding just a few  pounds, and interested in a strategy focused on creating and maintaining a long term,  healthy relationship with food and activity levels.


Small business owners and professionals who know the value of digital marketing but do not know how to do it, or can not afford to hire a Marketing Company to help… this is for you! I can teach you how to build your website pages, social marketing, content marketing, receive online advertisements, reach and connect with your target market, capture and maintain leads, and maintain all of your email campaigns… in one simple, easy to do platform — on a budget that is affordable and sustainable!