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What is Addiction Recovery

This program has been created & taught by a Doctor, Addiction Specialist Counselor, & Internationally known Expert Hypnotherapist who overcame his own experiences with addiction. The purpose of this program is to assist those who are committed to improving their lives by breaking the cycle of addiction with subconsciously reframing the groundwork of how thoughts are processed in regards to addictions.

How does Addiction Recovery work

Because of the delicate nature of addictions, various techniques & modalities are combined which provide you with groundbreaking tools to remove the blocks & tendencies which provide you with improved results for relapse prevention. Through coaching and hypnotic methods, you will be taught and assisted with the needed skills and resolve to say no, mean no, and walk away -clean, from destructive choices & behaviors which keep attempting to pull you back into the old habits that lead to relapse.

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The neurotransmitter dopamine is central to this. Whenever the reward circuit is activated by a healthy, pleasurable experience, a burst of dopamine signals that something important is happening that needs to be remembered. Jul 20, 2018

NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse

Top 10 Addictions in USA

The most prominent, top 10 addictions in the USA include: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, shopping, sex, food, video games, the internet and work. In 2019, statistics showed estimated death rates in the United States, due or related to addictions, are more than 70,000 people.

Additionally, it is believed that married couples where one or both partners are involved with some form of addiction, the divorce rate jumps to as high as 75% of more. If one of those persons are addicted to alcohol, the divorce rate is said to skyrocket by approximately 190% and there is an estimated 43% of the amount of children with divorced parents, in relation to some form of addiction involvement. Furthermore, the average cost of divorce in America is $15,000.00.

Addiction is a disease involving behavioral, environmental, & biological factors.

– The American Medical Association
hypnosis for addiction

How can hypnosis help end addiction

By working with your goals to put an end to the addiction that you struggle with, through directly accessing the part of you mind where decisions are made and that which controls 90+% of your daily life. This direct access to your emotions and thoughts can be reformatted into healthier programs. You will be given tools and coping mechanisms which create a new 2nd-nature aspect that you can use regularly. Then, you will be empowered to make better choices, which lead to the freedom that you want to have.


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