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What can hypnosis be used for?

Hypnosis can help improve your life with literally hundreds of challenges; from changing bad habits to strengthening desirable traits and much more. Whether you are experiencing anxiety, stress, or a self-esteem issue or if you have insomnia, or hot-flashes, hypnosis can help.  I personally specialize in Weight Loss,  Fear Release, and helping you Quit Smoking.  There are, additionally, programs in place to assist you with stuttering, building confidence,  boosting motivation, improving academic achievement and test scores, business development, and enhancing sport performance.

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Is there proof that hypnosis works?

Multiple studies have proven that hypnosis can even reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches/migraines, lowering blood pressure, and more.  If you are curious about these topics or other issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me.   I am always happy to discuss options, questions,  and concerns with you.

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What makes 1st Choice a good choice?

With 1st Choice Hypnosis, every session is uniquely created for each individual clients’ needs, based upon what is specifically desired, in order to help you reach the best and most lasting results, in the shortest amount of time possible.  As additional benefit, I will teach you how to use self-hypnosis and offer Reinforcement Audio Recordings with certain session-packages, which can be customized specifically for you, for your own personal home-use between sessions.

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When it comes down to the bottom line, however, the one thing that really sets me apart from “all the others” is specifically the fact that I am not them. Every action that I take is created on reason and requirement according to who is needing what, exactly. When you come to me, you are not just “another client” or another “person walking thru a doorway”. When you come to me, I meet you on your level and I do not quit  until  a solution is found. I base every interaction with each person individually. Sure, many people have similar situations. But no one else is YOU and no one else experiences exactly what you experience. Because of that, what worked last week for “John Doe” may not be what it takes to really assist “John DoaH” with what he is walking thru. So if the only hours you have available are “unconventional”, well, then my hours will be arranged as best as possible to fit into what time you already have available. Likewise, if your reason for coming to me is not all that meets the eye, then I will invest as much time as it takes to deep dive and then we will create exactly what your situation requires. Point blank, When you commit to working with me – I equally commit to working with you!


Furthermore, I invite you to follow these links and read my very transparent PERSONAL BIO *and* my PROFESSIONAL BIO. Then, you can decide for yourself if I am the right fit for what you need.

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