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Do you feel stuck?

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you find yourself in a position of trying to make a change, but it seems like for every step forward, you end up having taken 2-steps back?  Or maybe things are going great & then you “absent mindedly” do something that ruins or off-sets your plans? It’s frustrating, and leaves you feeling overwhelmed.   Do you know what’s causing these roadblocks? Typically, they are due to one or more types of self-sabotaging behavior.   

Subconscious programming

A lot of people have been mentally programmed throughout life to subconsciously accept negative beliefs about themselves, in one form or another.  Most people do not even realize that such a problem exists.  However, they do knowingly have an internal negative belief about themselves. Then, because avoiding & ignoring these challenges tends to be easier & more pleasant than dealing with them, we just continue pushing them further & deeper into the backs of our minds.  There-within lies these proverbial roadblocks!

Release the Self-Sabotage

By going directly to these subconscious areas which are buried deep within your mind, this allows you to understand that all of those self-doubts and limits that hold you back – those negative thoughts that keep saying I’m not good enough, or I’m ugly, or I’m stupid, I cant do anything right, and so on – all of those are not truths. They can very quickly & easily be permanently released and removed, without any need of being re-subjected to “re-visiting” the experiences which caused the start and growth of how it happened.   Think of a Mental Block Removal as being able to effortlessly pull a band-aid off of a healed wound, rather than yanking off the scab before the wound is healed.

I have experienced several block removals myself, and each time, the results have been mind-blowing!! Even when I thought that there was nothing negative left to have removed, without fail, some thing would surface and just as quickly as I would notice it being there, it would be gone and I would immediately feel the “weight” lift off of me, when up until that point I did not even realize that thing there.

PACKAGE 1:  Single Block Removal

  • Single Customized Session
  • Autogenic Techniques

PACKAGE 2:  Intensive Block Removal

  • Customized Session
  • Autogenic Techniques
  • Mindfulness Methods
  • Coaching
  • Support
  • eBook
  • Special offer discount on future packages