Do you feel stuck?

Do you feel like you’re stuck? Have you ever noticed that sometimes you find yourself in a position of trying to make a change, but it seems like for every step forward, you end up having taken 2-steps back?  Or maybe things are going great & then you “absent mindedly” do something that ruins or off-sets your plans? It’s frustrating, and leaves you feeling overwhelmed.   Do you know what’s causing these roadblocks? Typically, they are due to one or more types of self-sabotaging behavior.   

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Subconscious programming

Every person alive has been conditioned by subconscious programming throughout life. This often results in subconsciously accepting negative beliefs and ideas about themselves.  Most people do not even realize that such a problem exists.  However, to some degree, they do knowingly have an internal negative belief about themselves. Then, because avoiding & ignoring these challenges tends to be easier & more pleasant than dealing with them, we just continue pushing them further & deeper into the backs of our minds.  There-within lies these proverbial roadblocks!

Release the Self-Sabotage

By going directly to these subconscious areas which are buried deep within your mind, this allows you to understand that all of those self-doubts and limits that hold you back. Those negative thoughts are the things that keep saying “I’m not good enough”, “I’m ugly”, ” I’m stupid”, “I cant do anything right”, and so on – all of those are *not truths.* The great news, though, is they can very quickly & easily be permanently released and removed, without any need of being re-subjected to “re-visiting” the experiences which caused the start and growth of how it happened.   

Think of a Mental Block Removal as being able to quickly, effortlessly pull a band-aid off of a healed wound, rather than yanking off the scab (re-exposing the pain) before the wound is healed.

I have experienced several block removals myself, and each time, the results have been mind-blowing!! Even when I thought that there was nothing negative left to have removed, without fail, some thing would surface and just as quickly as I would notice it being there, it would be gone and I would immediately feel the “weight” lift off of me, when up until that point I did not even realize that thing there.

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