“So long as you are learning, you are growing.” ~ Eva M. Wells

This is a *brand new*, customized, unique certification course that currently is not offered by anyone else, anywhere. I created this course, according to the hands on experience, professional training, and educational background that I have acquired as an ICBCH Approved Instructor, combined with the one thing that 98% of all clients ask for.

Once you become certified as Rejuvenation Specialist, you will be able to successfully choose between OR offer all 3 methods taught for utilizing this program to boost your client intake, retention, and life-style maintenance. Additionally, this program can be adjusted for various wellness and holistic-approached professionals.

This exclusive course will provide the professional facilitator with a combination of hypnosis based and coaching modalities to promote self-care physically and mentally, with tools for improving over-all health and wellness for long term results. This is the solution based, structured protocol that covers emotional freedom, clarity, mindfulness, anxiety, sleep, time management, relaxation, and a nutritionally based relationship while building the skills your clients are already looking for. Additionally, you will learn 3 methods of offering these services to your clients.

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Expenses incurred for travel, meals, and accommodations will be in addition to the course fees and will be at the sole responsibility of the buyer/student.
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This is not a course that is sponsored by or affiliated with the ICBHC, nor is it offered through the ICBCH. It is being presented as a stand-alone certification through Certified Hypnosis Training, .dba via 1st Choice Hypnosis, Eva Wells. However, the course has been presented to the ICBCH and it is approved for accrediting CEU’s.

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