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My expertise is in teaching others how to release anxiety and trauma in a non-confrontational, safe, peaceful way. Additionally, I help clients who are serious about solving and ending other challenges, overwhelm, and other similar challenges.

Hi. I’m Eva Wells – the founder, hypnotist/hypnosis instructor, and coach here at 1st Choice Hypnosis. In other words, I’m the person that is going to help you put an end to the things that have you ‘stuck’, so you can get the results you want to have, quickly and easily. I work logically and directly to help you get the job done so you can be free to move forward in life and receive the things that are most important to you.


The truth is that every. living. person. experiences one form or another of hypnosis, every. single. day. of. your. life. You just don’t know it. The only difference between those things and what “being” hypnotized by a professional is the level of hypnosis you are in, and the fact that the practitioner is using specific language patterns geared towards leading you to the goals you want to have.

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Eva Wells, 1st Choice Hypnosis

Professional Credentials

Special Recognition / Awards

  • Specialty Business Recognition by the Ohio State House of Representatives
  • 3-time Published Author Award Recipient of PineCone Book Awards

You can be guaranteed that in my company, you are in a confidential, private, and safe ‘feels like home’ environment with someone who can provide you with unique ways – compared to “traditional cookie-cutter options” you’ll find elsewhere, to help you move away from the past and into a healthier, happier, more successful life. 

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Eva Wells, 1st Choice Hypnosis

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