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“Life is too precious to waste by sitting idly and watching as the world passes on before you…”

author: Eva Wells

Eva Wells, Hypnotist, Life Coach, Author, SpeakerHi.  My name is Eva Wells.  I am the hypnotist &/or life coach you will be working with.  I am also a published author, wife, mother, & grandmother.  I love being outdoors, and time spent with my husband, children, grand-children, and our pets.

My work background includes quite the list, as each endeavor has lead me to the next, in my on-going journey of self-development.  Such things include, but are not limited to being a youth leader, team instructor, multi-group manager, cook, care-taker, bakery owner,  receptionist, personal assistant, tax preparer, tax office manager, retail and direct sales, executive consultant in network marking, webmaster, graphic designer, and website content writer. Additionally, I am an ordained Christian Minister.

As always, I invite you to reach out to me to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have.   To learn more about who I am, personally, follow this link:  There’s A Reason For That. 


My Mission

My mission is to reframe negative patterns into positives and teach various methods which will remove self-sabotaging and other limiting belief’s (shame, guilt, sadness, anger, & more)  while improving self esteem & confidence.  I listen to and care about you.  You are more than a number or a story.  I offer understanding instead of judgement, compassion instead of critique, and strive to help you reach action plans that will give you the best outcome.  You can be guaranteed that in my company, you are in a confidential, private, and safe ‘feels like home’ environment with someone who can provide you with unique ways to help you move away from the past and into a healthier, happy life. 

It is my passion to work with clients who struggle with addictive behaviors, as well as those who are *recovering drug/alcohol addicts and their families.      (*those past the detoxification stages &  committed to making permanent life-style changes but simply need help in doing so.)

Professional Credentials

• International Board Certified Clinical Hypnotist 

•Certified Christian Hypnotist

~~~ Hypnosis Specialty Certifications:  Weight Loss, Fear of Flying, Tobacco Cessation (soon tba: Insomnia Relief)

•Certified Master Life Coach

~~~ Coaching Specialty Certification:  Addiction Recovery

•Certified EFT / TFT Practioner

Member of

•International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy

•The Fellowship of Christian Hypnotists

•The American Union of NLP 

•Specialty Business Recognition by the Ohio State House of Representatives



Appointments are offered via recorded audio, video, over the phone, and in my office.   When calling (937 – 315- 2730) please leave a voice-mail to receive a call back.

🔐 Note:  I do require and check ID:  Please bring Drivers License or State ID to your appointment as proof of who you are.  I reserve all rights to refuse services, for any reasons, upon my discretion.  


⏰ Office hours are by appointment only,  as I do make every attempt to work with you, on your schedule (including evenings, Saturdays, & holidays).  *closed Sundays & Mondays

***Client location is not of any concern for internet, audio, or phone sessions.


For your convenience, please click HERE to access the forms required for your appointment.

Forms of payment accepted: Paypal, Square, Major Credit Card, or Bank/Debit Card.  I do not accept private checks, or insurance company payments, however I am willing to provide receipt for purpose of insurance reimbursement. 

If your appointment is missed, or is not cancelled within 6 hours prior to appointment time, you will be auto-charged for 50% of the session fee.  If there are 2 no-call/no-show’s, all rights are reserved regarding the decision to continue or honor any future appointments.

I look forward to meeting and working with you.


ICBCH Accredited


🧩  NEWS UPDATES as of September 2020 🧩

I just published my first book, Continental Giant Rabbits in USA. Even for those who are are not a rabbit owner, the story is receiving rave reviews! It’s available on Kindle and Amazon.

I have always been very passionate about writing. Now I have the ability to help others in many ways. “Words form our lives!”

Other books are in the works! Check back to see what is being released in the near future.