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My intent for this blog page is to inspire all viewers with empowerment, love, and respect of self & others.

No More Straws!

There seems to be a mass shortage of givers, while the line is growing on the takers side. More and more, as I look around and talk to others – as well as personal experiences, if truth is to be told, that whole silver platter mentality just appears to be spreading. In every direction, it’s take take take and take some more, without giving 2 squats in return. Now, I should clarify here, I am all out in agreement of doing just because its the right thing to do. But there comes a time when limits have to be set. When the same ones keep coming back for more, that’s fine… but when the more is expected without an ounce of return… well, that can get under anyone’s skin. So… what to do? Logically, the first thing that comes to mind is “Bob Hope’s Stop It Therapy”. Have you heard of it? It is quite the epitome of reasoning. It goes like this:

“Oh, does that hurt?” (yes)…. “then stop it!” — pretty funny, right? But… OH. SO. TRUE.

Raw Emotions

Let’s have some real talk. We’ve all been in that moment when our emotions are running wild and are as wide open and raw as a fresh physical injury. This only intensifies if we decide to allow that emotion escalate (which we all usually do). You know, this is the point of where you’re doing the whole ugly-crying, near hyperventilating breathing, and absolutely beyond ‘distraught’ to the degree of not being able to think clearly, and heading towards hysterical. Have you ever been THAT hurt, or upset? If not, count your lucky stars. If so, continue reading…

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Stop Banging Your Head Against The Wall

We’ve all had those days where no matter what you do, it seems like you’re going backwards in the game of life while watching everyone else around you wallow through the mud and come out smelling like a rose. Why do you think that is? (I bet you’ve asked yourself that question a zillion times.) Well… here is the bottom line of it: it doesn’t matter! What matters is that after you have fallen down that 999th time, that you still get up and go again. Never give up. Crawl if you must, go ahead and ugly-cry too, if that helps, but don’t you dare stop because eventually, the next time you get back up, your foot will hit solid ground and you’ll be able to take off for all it is worth.

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Dare to be you

Not every person reaches success by climbing the same ladder. Some ladders are straight. Some are wood. Some are aluminum. Some are extendable. Some fold out. Some ladders need to be exchanged for different ladders that are better suited for an environment that’s different than someone else’s environment. Other ladders may even require being moved up, one level at a time. Use the ladder that works best for you, in your location, according to your own ability, with the tools that you have access too. As long as you stabilize your footing on a strong foundation & continue to climb, you will reach the top. And never let anyone tell you that there is only one way to the top! They don’t live where you live. They don’t have your tools, or your level of ability.
Do you – for you – without apology!

Removal of Blocks

Block Removals, in my opinion, could be the most important session you could ever get. They can be outright, undeniably, life-changing. Every person in existence has been faced with some type of negativity. For some, the amount of emotional damage was likely to at least have been enough to cause self-doubt, even if it was only momentarily. For others, the severity is much worse. In fact, some have experienced a life-full of being told they are not good enough, will never amount to anything, or that they’re ugly, stupid, clumsy, and maybe even told that no one wants them. In some cases, they were possibly even told they should had never been born, or that they deserved to die. And contrary to that old saying, “sticks & stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” – when truth be told, words have hurt them – very, very deeply. Furthermore, just being told these things even once can have quite a dramatic result to one’s emotional & mental well-being. When you then add insult to injury, however, if those hurtful, ugly words are being said by a person held in high or personal regard, such as a parent, partner, or teacher, those ill-effects tend to be rather haunting. Additionally, when those pain-staking words are repeated over & over, they are essentially sealed & buried into ones’ subconscious memory.

Sure, many people who have lived this type situation may claim that those words don’t bother them, that they are lies, & some may even laugh about it. Without fail though, at some point (& it could be years later), the memory of those words do come back & they do hurt! They can cause a wide variety of issues to arise. The effects, in severe cases, can actually become quite debilitating; causing severe social disorders or phobias, suicidal tendencies, self-mutilation, and more.

Now, with all of the above stated, imagine for a moment that all of those words can be erased. The situations, as they occurred, can be viewed from a better view-point; one which would not require the person to mentally re-live the event – but they simply would just remember it in a different, non-harmful way. It would be “as-if” all of those words had nicely & neatly been placed into a basket and floated away, out of sight, & more importantly, out of memory & into a place of non-existence. Just picture in your mind how liberating that would be. But wait… it gets better!

With that image of liberation in your mind, lets go a step further. Lets pretend that point of liberation has been reached. There’s a huge load of weight lifted off of ones’ shoulders. Right? So, now continue imaging that not only are all those hurtful words gone, but now there is space and ability to forgive the person(s) who planted those seeds of destruction, and more importantly, forgiving yourself takes place. Some may be asking or thinking “its not me that needs to forgiven!”, but just for arguments sake, continue reading. For those who “wear these shoes”, forgiving ones self is vital because even though the conscious-mind may be saying “nope, Im good”, somewhere deep in the subconscious, lays the emotions of blame, guilt, anger, & maybe humiliation. These emotions did not just appear out of thin air. In fact, they are in place for a very valid reason. On some level, you blame yourself for having been told those things, and on some level, you accepted that blame & allowed it to become a part of who you are. Now the big picture is becoming more clear, isn’t it?
Then… in comes the Block Removal. Freeing – Liberating – and opening doors that you may have ever-before been aware of.


At some point, to some degree, everyone has triggers. These are things that just seem to get under your skin & set you off. Some refer to them as “pushed button(s)”. One key factor that many tend to not understand or know though is that there are usually specific patterns to each trigger. As a hypnotist, it is not my position to claim – nor will I attempt – to “diagnose” or “treat” any issue; I’m not licensed to do that. However, once the patterns have been mapped out, as a hypnotist, I am able to work with you on many of the underlying causes of these triggers. In essence, by opening up a back door, thru interviewing techniques and hypnotic suggestions, I can often assist you with reframing (turning around) the thought processes which cause the triggers to occur. Doing this allows for your mental perception to be changed, effortlessly and naturally, which then changes the reaction to said-situation. The result then is that those triggers will no longer negatively affect you, or the others around you as they previously had. Instead of being upset, angry, sad, etc., you can experience these situations in a calmer, more comfortable way.

The Green Eyed Monster

If you are human, at some point in your life, you have experienced jealousy in some degree. It’s normal, and simply put, it is part of our nature. However, it can become unhealthy if we choose to act upon those feelings.
There are many things that lead to jealousy. Sometimes it’s caused when a romantic interest shows too much attention to someone else, or receives & welcomes too much attention from another person. Another big one is having envy over the success of a co-worker. Jealousy also often includes seeing others get something we want, or something that we believe (right or wrong) that we are more entitled to having than they are.

The question remains though, what can we do about it? Obviously, acting out in a fit of rage is not the best option. But, when jealousy becomes a problem, there comes a point when we must do some evaluating.

10 TIPS: (1) Assess yourself (2) Assess your relationship (3) Reach out for Support (4) Discuss the problem with the other person (5) Recognize the level of validity with the issue at hand (6) Step back and look at the whole picture (7) Practice mindfulness techniques (8) Remind yourself of your positive traits (9) Seek out an impartial mediator (10) Let it go

Are you Toxic?


  1. You thrive on manipulation
  2. You often threaten to end the relationship
  3. You easily angered
  4. You blame others for everything but never accept responsibility for your own actions
  5. You often seek attention on social media by posting private information about others or yourself
  6. You loose friends / relationships quickly
  7. You’re overly sensitive
  8. You tend to be self-centered
  9. You show little to no emotions or remorse
  10. You always avoid conflicts
  11. You insult and/or humiliate others / your partner
  12. You are not supportive of others / your partner
  13. You hide things from your partner
  14. You lie to your partner, even about trivial about things to
  15. You must be center of attention and always in control

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