How much does hypnosis/hypnotherapy cost?

Hypnosis costs vary greatly depending on several factors: the experience your hypnotist has, they skill level, the situations you need to work with, the severity of your situation, and other misc. details. Therefore, there is no true blanket-statement in regard to cost. For a ballpark figure, however, for a good and reputable hypnotist with experience, you’re looking at anywhere from $150 up to $500 per single session. Additionally, depending on your location, the costs could be substantially higher… and I should note that most good, experienced, reputable hypnotists offer you more than one option and should provide package choices as well.

How many sessions is needed?

This is another question that can really only be answered after having a consultation to discuss your exact needs and situation at hand. However, those who promise “one and done”, in my professional and personal opinion, are very likely blowing more hot air than what is cracked up to be. Sure, one session can do the trick – if you are at a level 9 of already having done the work to get you to where you want, and have an unshakable level of commitment to continuing the progress. Unless you are in that top 3% bracket, however, you are going to fit into the remaining 97% of the population and will need a bare minimum of 3 sessions, and possibly as many as 12 (although 12 is on the far end for a high number).

Is Hypnosis covered by insurance?

While some insurance companies may offer hypnosis benefits, it is not common and most hypnotherapists do not accept insurance as payment. However, you may have the option of a reimbursement policy through your insurance. In which case, you would pay for the service and your insurance company then would repay you directly, rather than arranging payment thru the hypnotist. Otherwise, you will mostly likely need to see a Licensed Psychologist instead of a hypnotherapist in order to receive insurance payment options.

Why is hypnosis expensive?

Hypnotists invest a lot of time, work, energy, and many-many hours of intensive, professional training. What they do requires an immense amount of concentration, time, specific language patterns, and additional strategies to be able to provide you with what you need in a short, fast time period. The more extensive the amount of training, certifications and levels of certifications, and teaching degrees will also affect pricing. Furthermore, when you compare the difference of what you are already losing while being in the midst of the problem, the costs to be free from those issues are relatively very small. Therefore, the cost of service far more than pays for itself in a very short amount of time and goes beyond that, in the means of effectually saving you money later down the road.

How do you find a good hypnotist / hypnotherapist?

Look in your surrounding area. Check out those with the highest and best reviews. Look at their website. Read about them as a person and in regard to what they can provide you with. Does that fit what you are looking for? Do you click with the things being said? Do they offer more than just a few reviews? Read their Google reviews, too, and if they have Facebook links, check those out. You want to be sure the person you are picking knows what they are doing in regard to what they are offering – rather than them just being good at selling themselves. Also, has the person made efforts to continue their education by earning more than just a couple certifications? Are they advance-level certified? Are they associated to more than one organization? Do they have personal experience in dealing with the topics they offer services for – ask them if their site does not address their personal experiences and additional trainings. And finally, schedule a call with that person. Do you they make you feel comfortable when speaking to them? Do they really know what they are posting on their website – or are they just copying information from someone else’s site to make themselves look good? Did the hypnotist ask you questions – did they attempt to learn about your and your needs while you were on the phone with them? All of these things are important to know. Then, you will be able to make the best choices.

What happens when I come to a session?  

The first step, after my initial greeting, is to invite you to have a seat at my desk.  We will talk for a few moments, I will begin by asking a few simple questions, then explain what your session will include and discuss any questions that you have.  Next, I will invite you to move over to your choice of the “hypnotic furniture”, then I will adjust lighting and begin the session.  At the end of the session, you will be given a moment to re-acclimate and energize a bit, then we will discuss the next session – if needed

Can Hypnosis be used with Counseling or other things?

Yes!  Hypnosis can be used with Traditional Therapy / Counseling, and many other modalities created for assisting the client to receive the desires they wish to achieve. I can back this with my multiple experiences  of working with multiple psychologists which have referred multiple clients to work with me. 

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Is Hypnosis safe?  

Yes, Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness that everyone experiences on a daily basis.

Are there any side effects of Hypnosis?

Typically the client might be coming out of hypnosis a bit groggy, in the way that you might feel after having slept all night.  Drinking water before and immediately after your session will help this clear up quickly.

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Can the hypnotist make me do anything against my will?

No. The hypnotist can not make you do anything that you are not willing to do. If at any time a suggestion is made that goes against your beliefs, morals, or is something you are against, your conscious mind will instantly snap you wide awake.

What if Hypnosis is against my religion?

Hypnosis has nothing to do with religion.  It is purely scientific & natural.  Every single person experiences a certain degree of hypnosis every day of their life – regardless of personal religious belief.   For any religious sect to say that it is evil is the equivalent of those persons saying that daydreaming or being emotional (laughing, crying, etc) while watching a movie is an evil action. **Hypnosis also is not a Metaphysical Service!

However, many of the metaphysical services that other hypnotists offer – eg: Reiki, Regression, Cards, Crystals, etc., – are involved with Buddhism other worldly religions. **I do not offer metaphysical services

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?  

No.  The worst thing that could happen would be you might fall asleep during the session. If that happens, you would wake up as you normally do after falling asleep.

If I purchase a package of sessions, do they have an expiration date?

Yes.  Each hypnotist has their own regulations. Here, at 1st choice hypnosis, programs are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

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❓- Do I offer other services, besides hypnosis? ……… Currently, I offer hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Therapy, Rejuvenation Coaching and Life Coaching.  In the near future I will be including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

❓- Do I offer Past Life Regression Therapy? ….. No, I do not work with metaphysical services.

❓- Do I offer Reiki, Chakra, or any other form of Mystical service? .…… No, I do not work with metaphysical services.

❓- Do I include or offer any type of Spiritual service?  ….. As a licensced Christian Minister, I can offer discussions in general, and prayer,  if requested by you to do so.  However, I do not get involved with variances of Denominational faith or other such personal beliefs.

❓- Do I offer Law Of Attraction services?  …..No.  While I have experienced a course for LOA, it is not a field that I work with.

❓- Can I help someone who uses drugs or alcohol? ……..  Each and every situation is different, so there is no typical blanket-statement reply.  For more info, please call my office.  I am always happy to discuss any situation;  though if the usage current and has been habitual, my advice will be in the form of a referral to someone who specializes in the field related to the situation.

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❓- Can I help someone quit smoking / vaping? …. Yes.  One of my specialty qualifications is for smoking / vaping cessation and I offer a special, unique program for smokers.

❓- Can I help someone lose weight? ……. Yes.  My top, most successful, & most popular program (Fit & Slim) has helped many clients loose weight as well as gain positive remarks from clients’ primary physicians regarding over-all health improvements.  This is also one of my specialty qualifications.

❓- What happens if I make an appointment but Im really nervous about being hypnotized? ……… I will not begin hypnotize you until you are comfortable, at ease, and you say that you are ready to start.    In my office, you will always be the one in control of when, if, and the depth of  hypnosis.  Otherwise, we can just simply talk and I can also offer you Coaching as an additive of, or in place of, hypnosis.

❓- Do I charge a cancellation fee? Yes. My time is limited and important to many others, and myself. If there is not a minimum of a 4 hour notice of cancellation, there will be a fee incurred, or the deduction of time from the program that you have already purchased. More details will be given about this in your client intake forms, before you purchase a program.

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