Providing clarity and insight through hyper-focused concentration.


Hypnosis is a completely safe, natural state of mind that every person experiences on a daily basis.  Many times, hypnosis works even when other methods have failed.   While in the state of hypnosis, you are in a state of deep relaxation with hyper-focused consciousness; aware of your thoughts and surroundings, but distracting sounds blend into the background because hypnosis by-passes the critical thinking or conscious mind.  With the assistance of guided suggestions, which are based upon your desired out-come,  you are able to become more goal-oriented towards achieving the success you desire.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis is different for everyone.  Some people experience it as-if they are completely awake.  Others describe being in a hypnotic state as-if they are between the states of being awake & asleep. External sounds may be experienced clearly, or it may seem like you’re only hearing a few words here and there.  And some people experience it in a way that seems like they are sleeping deeply.  However, there is no right or wrong way to experience it.  Every word and action is recorded in your deeper, subconscious mind & you are always aware, and fully in control. Plus, as an added benefit with the use of guided suggestions, you can even awaken from a 30 minute session feeling as if you have had a full night’s rest, being refreshed, energized, and ready to complete the rest of your day.

What is an example of hypnosis?

One example of a very common type of hypnosis is called “highway-hypnosis”.   Allow me to explain.  Have you ever been driving somewhere and then arrived at your destination, pretty much clueless of how you actually got there?  That is because your subconscious mind took over, and since the most important job of your subconscious is to protect you, you safely arrived exactly where you needed to be.  (Pretty amazing, right!)

Another example is screen hypnosis. Have you ever been watching a movie or tv show and gotten emotional – such as laughing, being startled and flinch or jump, or perhaps even cry over something sad? The reason is because you were indeed hypnotized. Your subconscious mind was receiving the visual field in front of you as if it were a real, current situation. As you are fully aware, you had an outward reaction, but at the same time, physically, you were fully in control of your physical self, in a safe and secure environment, knowing that nothing harmful was ‘really’ going on, and knew you were watching something that you were not directly involved in. Indeed – that is hypnosis!

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Life Coaching

Creating balance and harmony for a better tomorrow.

What is Life Coaching

We all experience times in our lives when situations present challenges. When we reach a point of creating balance and harmony, we can improve our tomorrows. Sometimes, the answers are clear, and choosing the right course of action is simple. Other times, we experience doubt and conflicting options. During those times, choosing the best option isn’t so clear and easy. In fact, sometimes, those challenges leave us in a state of confusion, with mixed emotions, and the choices are difficult, and unclear. Sometimes, we may even be so caught up in the experience that we could be missing other avenues that could be explored. These, above descriptions, are primary examples of when having a Life Coach could make all the differences in the world.

Why work with a Life Coach?

With or without the use of hypnosis, when you make the decision to partner with me, you can be assured that while you remain in the drivers seat, I will become your extra eyes and ears. This is because my purpose will be to listen to your direction, collect as much pertinent information as what is needed, and then provide you with valuable feedback. Beyond that, we will discuss the options from various angles, explore the possible outcomes, and reach the decisions that best fit your individual goals. But thats not all. Once we have set the ground work to provide you with the right balance, we will create a plan that fits your lifestyle and schedule, and then work towards turning your goals into your reality.

Additionally, I will empower you with the tools that I use during our time together.  Then, the next time that a conflicting challenge crosses your path, you will already be prepared to solve the puzzle that you are faced with, and you will have the confidence to know that, as you are the master of your mind, you are making the best decisions towards achieving the most successful results possible.

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