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Imagine having the luxury of starting with a clean slate. 

This is an exclusive session that I created. This is not available by any other hypnotist, therapist, or psychologist – anywhere! This is specifically designed and customized, especially for those who wish or need to do some serious deep-diving without having to revisit or re-live past experiences. The purpose is to intently remove negatively fixed ideas and emotions in order to provide a clean slate for a fresh, new positive outlook on life by combining a various amount of specific techniques, in one single session.

Eva Wells, 1st Choice Hypnosis

How do you know if this is for you?

If you have or have had a tendency to remain “stuck” in what seems like a never-ending cycle of self-limiting negativity, the chances are high that this is exactly what you need.

Often times, we go through the motions of trying to reach a specific goal, but regardless of what direction or how hard we attempt to tackle the challenge, we end up right back at square one, or worse, we end up back-tracking entirely. This is especially true for some – more so than others. There is a real reason for that; its called “deeply embedded negative belief’s“.

What is a deeply embedded negative belief?

A deeply embedded negative belief is something that is really buried deeper into your subconscious mind than what the average issues tend to be. In other words, where often times the seeds of negative ideas and emotions were planted and then repeated multiple times, and have grown and became a literal part of your consciousness. However, there is a tricky part involved here. This is where the real “fun” actually begins because most of the time, those are buried so deeply that most people are afraid to consider the possibilities  of releasing  those thoughts because they are aware of them and do not want to re-live the experiences or events that put them there. This is the beauty of Intensive Block Removals. This unique method can provide that long-needed release, with-OUT any need at all of revisiting that past trauma or experience(s) in order to truly be free from them.

Who is the best candidates for this session?

The best candidates are anyone who may have had *repetitive negativity instilled into their minds. These could be things such as having been in a “not so great” parent/child, sibling, or teacher/student, friend/friend-enemy, employer/employee relationship, or even those who have been bullied, pushed around, or just simply laughed at and made to repetitively feel inferior in any way. Additionally, it is common for those in this category to experience bouts of unexplained sadness, frustration, or an inability to cope with common stress, and even anger issues. There may also be a history of some type or form of addictive tendencies involved (food, alcohol, shopping, gambling, drugs, etc). Otherwise – it could equally and just as easily be someone who sets a goal but, despite their very best efforts, is unable to move forward because of *self-sabotaging behaviors* (refusal to do what is required to reach a certain result, often with use of irrational or fake excuses & forms of procrastination; in other words it’s often described as proverbially “shooting yourself in the foot” to prevent from having to do something.)

(note: this is not a substitution for assessment or assistance from a licensed medical or mental health professional)

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