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What is neurodivergent?

Neurodivergence is an “umbrella” term that means someone’s brain functions, behaves, learns, and processes differently than what is typically considered ‘normal’. They experience things differently, having ‘diversity’ in cognitive functions when it comes to social situations, mood, attention span, and other mental functions.

Additionally, according to Judy Singer – who started using this term in the late 1990s to refer certain developmental disorders are normal variations of the brain, yet who also have certain strengths. These individuals are usually ones who will say things others will not and tend to be very creative and “think outside the box” -especially when solving problems; and when there is involvement with spontaneity or impulse control, courage, and empathy. Other things include their abilities for organization, planning, memory, decision-making, motivation, language, focus, judgment, social interactions, gratification, and conception of time.

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What are signs that you may be neurodivergent?

Have always known or felt that you are literally ‘different’ than others?  Perhaps you have been diagnosed or believe you might have ADHD, ADD, OCD, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, or various levels of autistic traits. They commonly experience tight muscles, digestive issues, skin problems, sensory overwhelm, and loose ligaments – having a high tendency to sprain their ankles, which also relates to the common trait of balance problems.

There are also those who have, diagnosed or un-diagnosed, CPTSD; these are the ones who may not have been born with particular developmental disorders, but have acquired them through chronic or repetitive levels of traumatic experiences during their lives.

Hypnosis for Neurodivergence

By now, you are probably wondering how hypnosis can help. The answer is simple. With our exclusive program package, you will discover the normalcy of your normalcy, so to speak. That means that we will give you proven, successful, science-based protocols and tools to provide you with the success you have been feeling left out of having. In addition to this, we will coach you within your own comfort levels, standards, acceptable and attainable measures, plus help you release the overwhelm and negative thought patterns. Then we assist you with ways to relieve the physical aspects involved, as well as replace those negative feelings and emotions, with positive, simple ways to boost, increase, and improve the outcome of your personal situations and goals.

Yes… it is a total win-win package deal.

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