Why is self esteem important

Having a healthy self-esteem is far more important than many recognize. It’s no secret that how you think and feel about yourself will be the determining factor of many aspects of your life. It will effect everything from the partner your choose, the jobs you apply for, and even daily life in general.

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When your self esteem is low, you may experience such feelings of self-loathing, worthlessness, being un-validated, and under appreciated. You may even carry on with a smile on your face while putting on a ‘show’ for everyone around you; after-all, many do exactly that. Or, you may just be to the point that you no longer care at all and, as such, you allow your behavior and your attitude to reflect things such as sadness, depression, anger, and maybe even isolation or irrational / explosive rage.

On the other hand, if our self esteem is too high, well, frankly you would commonly be received as “snobby” or conceited. So, while there is a happy-medium to be taken into consideration, the most common side, and the side I work with most is low self esteem.

What forms self esteem

Self esteem is formed primarily by past experiences. Every encounter in life can effect the way you think or feel about yourself. Think about it. When you have done something brag-worthy, you feel great. That excitement carries over and feeds your motivation, which results in being encouraged to want to do more. However, when something doesn’t turn out so great, unfortunately, others in your life fail to give credit where credit is due – or worse, they criticize and down-grade what you have done. When that happens, it leaves you with feelings of not being good enough, unworthy, unwanted, and a long list of other negative emotions.

Hypnosis improves self esteem

Through guided hypnosis sessions, those negative words can be changed into positive thoughts, which generate a healthy self-awareness. By going straight into the “storage facility” of the mind, (otherwise known as the subconscious mind) we can flip a proverbial switch on the way and the degree in which experiences were received. From there, those thoughts can be reframed and thus, provides you with healthier view points. Those ‘seeds of intent’ then take root and begin growing and spreading. The final outcome, of course, is an effectual change in the process of how you think and feel about yourself.

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