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hypnosis for addiction

Hypnosis for Addiction Recovery, although is different than what you receive thru Addiction Therapy, is an extra element of successful resources on your journey of sobriety. Once you have connected with a licensed addiction counselor and began therapy, this program will teach and assist you with additional skills and resources. You will be empowered to be and remain committed to staying away from destructive choices & behaviors which keep previously pulled you back into the old habits and/or lead to relapse. Additionally, Addiction Hypnosis can be used for such things as gambling, shopping, food, and other behaviorally related addictions.

Hypnosis for Anxiety & stress, without a doubt, can greatly improve your life. Anxiety is largely over-looked by the general population. This is one of the reasons that it can, in fact, be deadly. One common believe is the “I am fine“ strategy, when you know you’re not, but choose to ignore and/or hide it, rather than correcting it. One reason for this may be because you think you will be judged harshly to admit things are not fine. The reality, however, is by continuing to do so, you are increasing harmful risks. Yet, by choosing this offer of assistance, you can effectively manage how you personally react to situations – before you react – therefore, preventing the triggers from occurring,

Hypnosis for Block Removals, in my opinion, are the most important things you can get. Regardless of who you are, or what your history is, accepting this session can be an ultimate life-changing choice to make. By going directly to these subconscious areas which are buried deep within your mind, this allows you to understand that all of those self-doubts and limits that hold you back are not the truth. In essence, just imagine what all you can do if those “mental can’t” phrases were removed. You could, in fact, become limitless!

Hypnosis for Confidence and Self-Esteem has proven to be the fastest and most effective ways to feel better to about yourself. Confidence and self-esteem really affects everyone’s daily life in many ways. The self-image that you perceive actually effects every aspect of your life, from the way you speak to how you walk & the posture used as you present yourself.  By going straight into the “storage facility” of the mind, (otherwise known as the subconscious mind) we can flip a proverbial switch on the way and the degree in which experiences were received.

hypnosis for fears

Hypnosis for Fear and Phobia’s can provide you with a newfound freedom. can be the most powerful motivator in the world, or the most fierce restriction. The truth is though, fear is only an emotion, just like being happy or sad. When you are able to understand the root causes involved, certain strategies and techniques can be put into place to reframe the thought processes, which control the reactions and offer methods of not only removing the fears, but also by flipping those negative emotions into positive ones, therefore opening up many new types of freedom for you.

quit smoking hypnosis

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking is highly successful way to comfortably quit smoking. The trick is that you must want and commit to quit in order to make it happen. This program assists you by changing your deep-rooted thoughts connecting your lifestyle to the action of smoking. Therefore, full success can be yours, even if other methods have been used, with or without previous success.

hypnosis for relaxation

Hypnosis for Relaxation is one of the healthiest gifts you can give yourself. By doing so, though, we are actually assisting and increasing the amount of blood flow to your organs and muscles, recharging your energy reserves, and even improving your memory and the clarity of your mind.

hypnosis for self care

Hypnosis for Self-Care is becoming more important than ever. So many of us, especially women, take on the roll of care-giver. You likely take care of your partner, your child(ren), others’ children, parents, grandparents, siblings, household responsibilities, work duties, kids’ sports, the list is long and wide. Each and every aspect of life requires something from. As much as many do not want or like to admit it, you take care of everything and everyone but you. What happens though, when you run out of gas and your energy is depleted? Obviously, there is only one answer: in one way or another, you crash! It’s not a question of “if” you crash either; it is a question of “when” will it happen? How severe will the crash be? … and worse, is the fact that we have became so ‘used to’ being that super-man/woman, that we have lost the intuition to make the changes needed to truly care for ourselves. This is where hypnosis comes to the rescue. By going straight to the source, the source can be easily reformatted.

hypnosis for insomnia

Hypnosis for Insomnia is one of safestmost effective ways of turning off the nightly brain-chatter that keeps you awake, and prevents your mind and body from relaxing enough to be able to sleep well. Lack of sleep is a very common problem today, for countless people. The long effects of not sleeping include mood swings, memory and concentration issues, a weakened immune system, higher probability of being in or causing an accident, poor physical balance, weight gain, high blood pressure, higher risks of diabetes, heart attacks, and strokes, and even a low sex drive.

hypnosis for trauma

Hypnosis for Trauma can absolutely be life-improving, liberating, and freeing. Trauma survivors typically appear to be health, happy, and normal on the outside. On the inside, however, that could be an entirely different story. The person who has experienced the trauma can often continue on with daily life, being socially acceptable, but commonly will limit themselves to various exposures where they may feel crowded, invisible or center of attention. Instead, they often prefer to be alone, or in comfortable surroundings, doing normal, and often low-key daily tasks. There may also be problems developing or having trust with others, seeing themselves as being weak, inadequate, or ‘not good enough’, being self-critical, and may have a high degree of relationship-struggles.

weight gain hypnosis

Hypnosis for Weight Gain can provide you with the missing link when it comes to feeling good about your body. For those wishing to gain weight can be equally as frustrating as weight loss; in both circumstances, your life may even be in jeopardy. However, those needing to gain weight are often ignored or unable to find the help required to become the healthiest person that you can be. For these reasons, I have created this special package to provide you with the removal of obstacles and struggles, while increasing your desire to receive and improve your food choices and motivation, while boosting confidence and self-esteem, so that your life can be enriched, permanently.

weight loss hypnosis

Hypnosis for Weight loss is a well known and high successful modality for removing the constant struggle of restriction & dread of dieting. By matching your personal needs, ability, and lifestyle, you will have a higher and healthier outcome than you would from dieting alone. By accessing the resource state in your mind, the struggles of dieting will be a thing of the past as you will also instinctively choose healthier foods & activities; both of which are very important in keeping the weight off, permanently.

free hypnosis sessions

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Other topics of assistance:

  💥Stuttering 💥Migraine 💥 Motivation

Hypnosis & Coaching are so beneficial with so many areas in life that it would be nearly impossible to list them all. So, regardless of what your specific situation is, even though it may not be listed, I encourage you to reach out & contact me because chances are favorable that I can provide you with what you need, or at least be able to refer you to someone else who can.

Middletown Ohio Hypnosis

At 1st Choice Hypnosis Center, there is no stereo-typical judging.  Every living person has, or has had, some sort of issue in life.  Regardless of what or how severe/mild the issue(s) may be, every single person deserves and will be treated with respect, kindness, and dignity.  Additionally, all sessions are strictly confidential.

*** SESSIONS:  Clients are accepted from the ages of 7 to 100, although parental/guardian consent is required for anyone under the age of 18, and all younger clients must be accompanied by a guardian/parent to all appointments.  All sessions are customized & privately structured.

Springboro Hypnosis

The initial session, with consultation included, lasts approximately 1 to 1.5 hours to allow time for paperwork, goal setting, and hypnotic time.  Follow-up sessions are approximately 1 hour.  If you are in need of a mini-session, due to time restrictions, 30 minute appointments can be arranged.  Plus, group sessions are also available upon  request.  

My office hours vary by appointment-needs, therefore, scheduling is flexible and can typically accommodate a wide range of needs.  In-office appointment times are typically available for late afternoons, evenings, and Saturday afternoons.  Virtual appointments are typically mid-day, and audio appointments are commonly handled in the mornings. Additionally, in certain situations, holiday-dates and house-calls may be possible.

Xenia Hypnosis

***  PRICING:    Initial Consultations are always free.  I am unable to quote you an exact price, however UNTIL we discuss your specific situation and exact goals. Once we speak, then I will work with you to create the best package options and prices available for your individual needs.  Payment is accepted in the forms of:  Cash, Paypal, Square, Facebook Funds Transfer, Major Credit Card, & Bank Debit Card, and HSA Card Payments may be possible.   Private & 3rd party insurance payments currently are not accepted.

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