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There are many types of fear, with multiple causes for them. Those causes can range widely in detail, but most tend to stem from a fear of falling, becoming trapped, or experience based on self, others, or media related hype. However, all fears (except falling and loud noises) are self-learned behaviors.

Certified Fear of Flying Specialist

It is entirely possible to remove fear, anxiety, and even panic attacks and be able to fully enjoy flying. By discussing the causes and thoughts of your personal situation and any previous experiences to flying, a plan of action can be set into place. This is when you can develop the mindset of comfort and ease, as well as to learn that this fear is something that you can have complete control over.
This package offers the benefits of very specific, tried, & approved tools to help maintain a calm & peaceful, relaxed mind which can take you beyond the point of not only having the fear of flying removed, but to also allow you to advance forward into the realm actually enjoying airline travel.


Imagine, if you can, how much more amazing life would be and how much more you would be able to see and experience. This great world we live in, after all, truly is a place of beauty & adventure.
Now, continue to imagine how much better life could be, if you were to learn that flying can be a pleasing and enjoyable means of travel. Perhaps conquering this challenge could even increase your potentials for a promotion at work, by being willing to travel or to accept a better job offer that requires travel. This could also give you the freedom to see your child(ren) and/or grandchild(ren), parent(s), or other family members more often. Additionally, by flying, you would save a lot of time, miles, wear and tear on your vehicle, be able to travel safer and faster to places further away. Plus, you could have the freedom to go to places that driving to is not even an option.

MY STORY: Had anyone told me (prior to August 2018) that I would actually enjoy flying, I would had literally laughed out loud! But, the day arrived when my dream became more important than my fear and I made the decision to be hypnotized for my own fear of flying. So, at the age of 50 years old (oops! did I say that out loud!), I bought my first plane tickets, determined that one way or another, I would get on the plane and not be spastic while doing it. As the story goes, not only was I ‘not’ afraid to get on the plane, I was very excited to be at the airport and boarding the plane. I must also admit that I very quickly realized, as soon as the plane started moving down the tarmac, that I was thoroughly enjoying the experience. Even as the plane began to climb, I was mesmerized! I “had to” look out the windows and I could not, in my wildest dreams, had ever imagined how inspiring the view is. Now that I understand how liberating and exciting it really is, my only regret is that I had essentially cheated myself out of what could had been many grand opportunities – had I just given myself the permission to do it. [And just for the record, you’re talking to the girl who was so afraid of heights that I couldn’t force myself to stand on a chair without going into panic mode… talk about inconvenient too, considering that I’m barely more than 5′ tall.}

Fear of Driving

Although this is a more rare type of fear, it is no less realistic to someone who experiences it. The origin may be mild to severe, and can involve only certain situations, various conditions, or in full blown mode, it could be any relevance of getting inside an automobile. Those who live with a fear of driving most often when you are able to understand the root causes involved, certain strategies and techniques can be put into place to reframe the thought processes which control the reactions and offer methods of not only removing the fears, but also enabling you to be a calm and confident driver.

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While most may suspect that having experienced a previous auto accident would be the leading cause of this fear, you may be surprised to learn that studies have shown that only about 1/3rd of those who are challenged with these issues are due to that cause. Other causes may stem from medical conditions, experimental concerns, anxiety attacks, and even claustrophobia or the fear of being trapped. However, regardless of cause, there is hope, and you’ve came to the right place. Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways of being able to gain the freedom that you are looking for.

MY STORY: I was one of the 1/3rd percentile who developed a fear of driving because I had experienced a very traumatic accident, at a young age. It took me a long time to even be able to climb into a car without shaking, crying, and being spastic. Just in order to ride in a car to the doctor’s for treatments, I would flinch & all but curl up into a fetal position every time another car would get anywhere near the car I was in. What’s worse is that I lived 30 minutes away from any destination that I needed to go; which of course meant a minimum of an hour car ride, regardless of where I needed to go. However, with time and guidance, and learning ways to control the anxiety, I was able to over-come that fear. In time, I was able to not only enjoy driving again, but to also gain a love for traveling. I can promise you – it is possible – and you, too, can achieve complete success. Hypnosis can give you the ability to put those fears behind you.

Misc. Fears & Phobias

Fears & Phobias in general can present in a vast array of topics. In fact, there are so many types that it would require relentless hours to cover each one, and as with each having their own causes, most often, one type of fear usually include other types of fears as well. For instance the fear of heights is often relative to a fear of falling; a fear of elevators often relates to a fear of confinement. Often times such fears are due to experiences, although this is not / does not necessarily have to be the case.

The one certain commonality is that these challenges effect basic life in some degree. Therefore, whatever your personal challenge is, Im more than happy to discuss options with with. As always, initial consultations are free of charge.

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