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Those needing to gain weight are often ignored or unable to find the help required to become the healthiest person that you can be. For these reasons, I have created this special package to provide you with the removal of obstacles and struggles, while increasing your desire to receive and improve your food choices and motivation, while boosting confidence and self-esteem, so that your life can be enriched, permanently.


Food Choices Matter

Many people believe that those who need or want to gain weight have no problem and that all they need to do is eat more junk food. That typically is furthest from the truth. The fact is, individuals wanting to gain weight are not looking to be unhealthy or obese. Instead, they want to feel good in their own skin, and be proud of their body; just like others do.

Health Conditions Apply

It is common for those who are very underweight to have an underlying health condition which is often the reason why the wanted weight is so hard to gain. Thyroid complications is one of the largest causes of this problem, although it is by far not the only problem. For this reason, it is very important that if you find yourself in this position, that you should consult with your Primary Care Physician and follow his guidelines for having a few tests ran. Doing so may very well solve most of the issues and then, with the use of hypnosis, we can design a plan specifically tailored to your individual needs. Additionally, if there is a chance that the situation is due to or involves an eating disorder, such as Anorexia or Bulimia, it is imperative that you see, work with, and follow the advise of your medical provider.

Fear of Food

I’m sure, to many, that sounds like an odd question to be asking. However, it is indeed very relevant. What I am talking about is an actual, unrealized fear of foods. It is real, and many people do suffer from such situations. These fears could stem from past history or relationships involving body shaming, causing one to become so subconsciously afraid of gaining weight that they become their own worst enemy and effectually starve themselves. Other times, the fear could be related to previous medical conditions. Juvenile Diabetes is just one of the good examples of this; if a child is scolded and chided repeatedly about most food items and are / were told that eating those things would cause severe problems, then yes – that is highly likely a vital part of why you are unable to gain the weight they need or desire to have.

You can do this

This program that I have created can help you release the negative impacts and self-sabotaging tactics, while improving your desire to eat the proper foods, in the correct amounts, to reach your ideal body weight. Give me a call and let’s talk about you, your needs, and the types of plans I can provide you with.

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