Fit & Slim Program

This unique program is specifically designed by doctors and counselors who created it for those who desire and are committed to lose 50+ pounds of excess weight, although it is equally safe and effective for those wishing to lose lesser amounts to reach and maintain healthy, fit lives.

True weight loss is a process that should be taken seriously, with the focus being to reach and maintain permanent, healthy, results. However, there’s no reason to suffer through or struggle with achieving and maintaining success. The fastest and easiest way to access life-long success is by using the various techniques that hypnosis and/or life coaching offers.


Fit & Slim Group Weight Loss

If you have a group of 4 or more friends who would be interested in participating in a Customized Group Program, be sure to ask about the benefits and options available. These groups can be set up online, in office, or with a combination of both. Group fees are discounted from the traditional single session program plan. *Group attendance must be pre-paid in full to participate. 

Does Weight Loss Hypnosis work?

Yes! Hypnosis for weight loss absolutely works. Studies have been done and prove that the benefits of hypnosis, combining 3 or more sessions for weight loss, is 30-times more effective than other methods used. When you consider the meaning of that, to you personally, you are receiving 30-times better results, with 30-times less struggle, and 30-times better benefits. Plus, that stands to reason that you are 30-times more likely to succeed reaching your ideal weight, but you are able to maintain your ideal body size, for the rest of your life.


When coaching is applied to weight loss programs, studies show higher results than by dieting alone. In fact, in one study conducted by The Mayo Clinic in 2014, were proven to be significantly improved results across the board in regard to over-all improved quality of life.

How does the “Fit & Slim” program work?

With the above information in mind, the program that I offer Fit & Slim – is not available anywhere else, by anyone else. This program is designed specifically to maximize the very best outcome possible. By customizing every single individual session to match your needs, ability, lifestyle, and to assist you the most in those areas that are most challenging for you, (sugar, carbs, motivation, etc.) that previously mentioned “30-times more benefit” gets boosted to an even more beneficial outcome. And, the most important part is that even though I am there to guide you along this journey, you are in control of what area’s we work with, what techniques that you would like to apply, and where to focus the most attention. In every sense of the word, I become your ‘success partner‘ and it is my desire for you to succeed.

Primary Care Physician comments:

“Never before have (you / clients name) had such great lab results with your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Plus the your blood pressure is way down, and the weight loss to top it all off – very impressive – do not stop what you are doing!”
It’s time to take action, now.

Weight Loss Reviews from Clients.

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